What is the role of a game designer?

A game designer is the person who is in charge of bringing a game to life. They are usually a combination of a writer, an artist, and a programmer.

“It’s a multidisciplinary job that often requires you to know a little bit of everything,” Troy says, noting that he has shipped over 100 titles across nearly every platform and genre.

“It’s not just about having fun and coming up with new ideas. You must comprehend not just how to apply your ideas to a variety of diverse, and often competing, aspects of game design, but also HOW to design, WHAT to design, WHEN to build each feature, and WHY you are designing what you are designing.”

“Each game contains a variety of gameplay systems, mechanics, and features that all work together to provide players with a pleasant and interesting experience.”

Responsibilities vary based on the size of the studio, but they may include:

  • Storyline, character backstories, and conversation development
  • Gameplay, rules, and a score system are all being developed.
  • Choosing the appropriate level of difficulty
  • Creating user interfaces and settings
  • Design of the level and the world
  • Programming/scripting
  • Digital retouching
  • depiction of an image
  • Testing

You must also be an excellent communicator who can clearly express a tale or message that will engage and drive your gamer to take action. You must be able to convey simple ideas, persuade others to accept your views, and give and receive criticism.

Computer software (game engines)

There is a wide range of software available, some of which require more coding knowledge than others.

If you want to produce games professionally, master industry-standard game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity 3D, which are used by major studios. They’re free resources that can help you learn faster and improve your chances of being employed.

Here are five free resources to get you started:

Unreal Engine 4 (Unity 3D)
Godot Engine Godot Studio 2 Construct 3

What does a game creator get paid?

The average game designer income, according to Payscale, is USD $63,838, while a lead can earn up to USD $93,926.

Salaries vary widely depending on experience, region, studio size, and industry, and might be significantly higher or lower than these averages. With their years of experience and knowledge, senior and technical designers may be able to transcend the top of that spectrum.