Online games: Role-playing games online


Different types of games consist of Computer Role Playing Games (RPG). This is a type of game where you are given the task of building a hero or character. As the game progresses, the character gains experience that he will use to become stronger and gain new abilities.

The broad genre under the video game category is electronic role-playing games. These games originally came from traditional role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. It uses game mechanics and settings found in the game.

Online RPG is an RPG that allows players to interact with each other in a virtual world. These interactions can be played as a single or multiplayer game. Another feature of online role-playing games is similar to that of computer RPGs.


This type of game is about creating or selecting one or more avatars and building on the features and experience as the game progresses. These characteristics then represent the player’s own skills and how he determines the outcome of the game. Traditionally, status screens were displayed to represent player characteristics. It uses numeric values ​​instead of meters, columns and other simple abstract graphical representation games commonly used.


Another special feature of role-playing games is its fictional setting with high imagination. It usually stems from a science fiction or space opera theme. There are only a few that occur in modern or historical surroundings. Wii Games such as Bloodlines (“Gothic punk”), Arcanum (steampunk), Darklands (a combination of medieval German legends and history), Fallout (post-apocalyptic) and Mount and Blade (medieval Europe without magic or fantasy) are exceptions. . for this trend.


A group of characters or a party, usually different players, come together to complete a quest or mission. Challenges and enemies, usually inspired by science fiction, classical mythology and more generally fantasy fiction, are experienced by adventurers along the way.

Examples of challenges are defeating an evil boss, rescuing a princess or clearing a monster dungeon. To find out and accept the mission, players may find it necessary to talk to an NPC. Assignments can also include assignments for item selection, placement tasks (for example, opening locked doors using hidden levers or keys) or participating in dialogue.

Some games consist of smaller missions in a predefined order and are played as a linear narrative. Games like Fallout, however, include non-linear games and multiple search solutions through multiple end and branch plots. How the search approach varies across different character structures. Methods such as violence, bribery, subordination or diplomacy can be used depending on the different nature of the skill.


It is difficult to say for sure where this genre is heading due to its rapid development and the diversity of titles in the genre. However, developments have been made. One of these solutions is “raids” or group searches. A large group of players (twenty or more) can participate in “raids”.

Another improvement of online role-playing games is the use of, for example, dungeons that keep the group isolated from the rest of the gaming world. This reduces the amount of data sent to and from the server, thus reducing the delay. It also reduces competition. Capture holes are found in World of Warcraft “raids” and all Guild Wars battlefields.